The 25 Songs of Christmas Website Goes LIVE!!!

Hello Everyone! 

The 25 Songs of Christmas 2019 TENTH Edition list has been announced . This year’s theme is about Memories & Family Traditions .Each song represents memories, traditions and nostalgia  to our friends, family & fans of our 25 Songs of Christmas Web Series that we broadcast on social media. WE GOT SOME EXCITING NEWS. 

A. In OCTOBER 17th, we will be launching our 25 Songs of Christmas Website.

B. For the first time, we are selling Advertisement

Space on our website and will be mentioned your business, arts organization, holiday event on our Daily Blogs on all our pages on Social Media. 

C. It's our TENTH Anniversary!  WE started this on Facebook during the beginning of 2010. 


We need video content, pictures, holiday recipes, decorating tips and family photos and video clips. WE are creating a VIDEO Christmas Scrapbook for each day we create our 25 Songs of Christmas.  That is one holiday song every day starting from December 1st until Christmas Day. WE ARE HERE TO PROMOTE YOU!!!! 

We will be conducting Man on the Street Interviews on Nov. 9th. If you are interested in participating, please email us at Our Deadline to participate is on Nov 7th.


If you are a songwriter/Musician and you have your own Holiday Songs, Music or CD, we'd love for you to post your video links to our website and our social media pages. (NOTE*) Make sure that we have your promotional information at the end. WE WANT TO PROMOTE YOU!!!

Let's make some musical magic this holiday season.

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