Shondra Marie- -Day 20

Film/Theatre Actor/Singer

I'm Shondra Marie and I am a proud member of both #AEA and #SAGAFTRA and a lover of theatre/film/TV, but, that's not the only thing about me. I love to create. "Create" means so many different things. Of course, acting and singing are some ways that creativity occurs, but I also love all types of #needlework (cross-stitch, hardanger embroidery, sewing, machine embroidery - as well as a little beading, crocheting, quilting, and knitting thrown in there for good measure!). I am a DIYer, with projects ranging from painting every inch of our house (inside!) to decoupaging a file cabinet with a Van Gogh Tardis on it. Most of my DIY projects start with,"I have absolutely no idea how this is going to look," and normally end with, "Well, that's kinda cool." Somedays, I brush up on my piano and other days I journal. I'll even write poems (although I'm not great at signing or dating them. I really need to get better about that).

I've always driven a stick-shift until 2015 when we got our Ford Fusion Hybrid. Incredibly comfortable car - but, I still have to check myself when I unthinkingly want to "shift" gears! Todd and I now have 3 black kitties: Blackstrap, Licorice, & Velvet.

I am also a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, which came from becoming more passionate about #essentialoils and #naturalwellness. I've done this by learning more about taking care of myself, which includes working out with Beachbody, eating more veggies, drinking more and more water (which is pretty much all I drink anyway), and using more non-toxic cleaning supplies.

I'm always busy working in various part-time jobs. My main one is working in the Medical Center as a #StandardizedPatient at the University of Texas McGovern Medical School, Texas A&M Health Science Center, and Texas Children’s Hospital. At UTMC, I'm also a SPTA (Standardized Patient Teaching Associate), where I help 1st year students learn the proper technique for a total body exam. I do the same at Texas A&M as a PETA (Physical Exam Teaching Associate). I work for Tobin & Associates, as well as do private coaching & tapings.


Shondra Marie- -Day  20