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It's Xmas All over the World for 13th Season

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

MISSOURI CITY -TEXAS - SEPTEMBER 21, 2022 – The 25 Songs: of Christmas: Christmas Around the World Web Series New Premieres starting December 1. Morningstar Media Group is producing the 13th season of its popular web series 25 Songs of Christmas. This year's season is called Seasons of Love. The show was created by Eric C. Jones and Lea M. Jones. It started as an annual Facebook post and became an award-winning web series produced to show that it won the 2020 Christian Film Festival for Best Web Series. 25 Songs of Christmas is a collective of Pop Culture, Trivia, and Pre-Recorded performances from Houston's Best and Brightest arts community.

The episodes will appear virtually on all social media and Houston Digital Channel Outlets. The 25 Songs of Christmas is a musical holiday documentary series that spotlights one-holiday song every day from

December 1 until December 25. Think of it as a cross between VH-1's Behind the Music and TV-One's Unsung.

The artists featured are national and local talent and stars the creators themselves as hosts. This year they are Spotlighting Postcard Journeys featuring Christmas traditions from around the world, Sing A Long Saturdays, and our hilarious sketches.

This year's artists will include.

10.. Deeanne Collins, IT MUST HAVE BEEN OLE SANTA CLAUS (New Orleans-USA) Da MIDWINTER- (UK) -DAY 21 (Winter Solstice) 11. Our Broadcasts will be shown on JOE TV digital Channels and all Social Media platforms and our website. 09. Dana Clark Green- DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR? - Day 20 & LET THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH- (USA-NEW YORK) - * Day 25 (CHRISTMAS DAY)

25 Songs of Christmas Press Release (3)
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