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Adriene Rowe & PWP-Day 23


Pastor Adrienne Rowe is a shining example of the meaning of her name “multi-talented”.
This native of St. Petersburg, FL is an accomplished actor, singer, dancer, Purpose Coach,
and entrepreneur.
As a highly sought after motivational speaker, Pastor Rowe has had the privilege and
honor of speaking to audiences across the world. Her unique and innovative style captures the hearts of spectators as she transcends generational, racial, and socio-economic
Pastor Rowe, is currently recognized as “Flag Ambassador” for her anointed gift of dance and
using flags as weapons of praise and warfare. “P. Rowe” as everyone affectionately calls her, is
ultimately known for her love for God’s people, a compassion for the lost, and a passion for helping others find and fulfill their God ordained purpose.
Birthed from P. Rowe’s passion for training the next generation of creative arts leaders in effective warfare and prophetic ministry, PWP consists of young men and women who love God and
are committed to presenting Him in a captivating and mesmerizing manner through various forms
of performing and visual arts. The group has garnered a nomination for “Best In Dance” at the
Gospel Choice Awards, and has also appeared on Dr. Bobby Jones Presents: EVOLUTION OF
PRAISE DANCE 2. Pastor Rowe, and PWP have ministered on countless stages throughout the
United States, and abroad. For booking inquiries, email

PWP’s Social Media
Facebook: @pwplife
IG: @pwplife

P. Rowe’s Social Media
IG: @coachadriennerowe
Twitter: @pwplife

Adriene Rowe & PWP-Day 23
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