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Judy Pancoast- Day 21 In the Bleak Mid-Winter


. Effervescent, energetic, entertaining….all of these words describe Judy Pancoast; a singer, songwriter
and recording artist who radiates joy in her music. She crafts clever songs with infectious melodies
that delight the young and the young at heart, as evidenced by the 2011 Grammy Award nomination
for Best Children’s Album for her one-of-a-kind CD, Weird Things Are Everywhere!
A child of the 70’s, Judy grew up in Maine, listening to Top 40 tunes with memorable melodies and
catchy hooks. Today she makes music for kids all over the world whose parents value the innocence
and joy of childhood: totally terrific tunes with timeless lyrics about childhood experiences that
resonate across the generations.
Judy is also known for her infectious Christmas hit, “The House on Christmas Street,” which can be
heard each Christmas season on radio stations across the country. A search on
currently turns up nearly eight thousand videos of houses all over the world that feature the song in
their animated lighting shows, including the acclaimed official video, which currently has over 230k
There’s a true interaction between performer and audience that goes on at every Judy Pancoast
concert, something children remember for a lifetime. In fact, she often receives emails such as this
one …
My friends and I are graduating from high school tomorrow, and we were talking about the things we
loved as kids and we all thought of you. We listened to your music all the time when we were little, and
we just thought you ought to know how important you are to us.
For the past 21 years Judy’s outrageously fun family performances have created a ruckus throughout
the USA wherever children and families gather. She’s performed twice in concert at the request of
President Clinton. The children at the Nyumbani Orphanage in Kenya experienced the joy of working
with Judy when she traveled twice to Nairobi for week-long songwriting workshops. The songs are
available on a fund raising CD for the orphanage.
In addition to her concerts for children and families, Judy has also crafted a cabaret show in honor of
the most influential artists in her life, The Carpenters. The show, entitled “All My Best Memories: Built
by The Carpenters,” had several successful New York performances at renowned cabaret club “Don’t
Tell Mama” and is available for booking at small venues throughout the northeast.
Judy lives in New Hampshire with her husband, Philip, and three fur babies…Blue, a Jack Russell
Terrier and sister-cats Hazelnut and Deeley. All our rescue pets from the Animal Rescue League of NH.
Human daughters Emma and Louisa, who grew up performing and touring with Mom, now reside in
Brooklyn and work in the entertainment business,


Judy Pancoast- Day 21 In the Bleak Mid-Winter
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